The Reckoning Homepage
The Reckoning Homepage

The Reckoning

The Reckoning is another project by Jordan Giarratano of Fighting Chance Seattle. Much like it's sister site the Reckoning is intended to challenge the traditional role of masculinity in martial arts, but is distilled into a blog format that allows Jordan to explore his own path sharing inspiration, hardships, artwork, and moments that help to shape another way through martial arts and life itself.

This website came before Fighting Chance Seattle and was a way for us to test the waters of our working relationship. Jordan’s goal was to have a platform to tell his own story and share information he uncovered through his readings, daily practice, personal challenges, and role as a teacher in his community. A visual artist as well, Jordan has an eye for detail and desire for quality aesthetics in all his creations. With that said we were all pleased with the results and beginning of our continued collaboration.

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