Pacific Fire Gathering Homepage
Pacific Fire Gathering Homepage

Pacific Fire Gathering

Pacific Fire Gathering is one of seven events by the Flow Arts Institute. The gathering held annually on the Oregon coast near Cloverdale for those who practice movement based art forms with daily workshops, performances, and camping over four days.

Adoration was hired for a major redesign of the website in 2017. Our founding members, Tony and Abby, have participated in and helped organize various aspects of media and decor for PFG for many years. Having an intimate understanding of PFG and a wealth of photos and graphics to pull from, Adoration was well suited for the visual and foundational website update. Website redesigns are inherently an opportunity for brand expansion and refinement. In this case we were able to create new original graphics, modernize and expand the color palette, and select headline and supporting fonts for the first time in the history of the event. As an added bonus we combined all these resources into brand guidelines for the event. Websites for the arts usually mean a little more freedom of expression, which PFG was intended to foster, and are pleased to see in the pages of this site.

This website and the Flow Art Institute’s flagship website both led to the other event website redesigns. The other event sites will be modeled after the PFG website, but use colors, photos, and graphics unique to each event. Currently four of the seven event sites have been updated including: FireDrums, FLAME Festival, Flashepoint, and PFG. The remaining sites will be updated over the next two years.

Services provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Illustration
  • Page Layout
  • WordPress Updates (ongoing)
  • Original Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo and Graphic Web Optimization
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