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Eri Kardos Homepage

Eri Kardos

Eri Kardos is a global coach, best selling author, and professional speaker. Her work, centered around supporting individuals and relationships, has blossomed, proving the proof is in all those who are living better lives and have developed deeper and more meaningful relationships. Her joy and empathy are contagious and it’s easy to see she is doing what she was always meant to do, helping folks along their journey through life.

The website we built for Eri was one of our earlier projects. While we didn’t know everything then that we do now, we are proud to say that the websites we built, even then, are future friendly and adaptable. We have expanded the functionality of the website over the years to include a membership platform, newsletter signup, and payment gateway. It has been a joy to see this site grow and change along with Eri’s career.

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