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RedTail Inspections & Consulting Business Cards
“Working with Tony is a dream. First and foremost Tony cares about who we are and what gifts we are offering to the world. We share a story and some fantastical visions and he distills it all down to a grounded, attractive logo that embodies everything we said. He coaches us in how to carry our brands across platforms, and makes sure the choices we are making are aligned with our values and budget. From logo creation to marketing materials to website support, we turn to him again and again and will continue to do so.”

~ Amanda & Chris
RedTail Inspections and Consulting
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RedTail Inspections & Consulting

RedTail is a home inspections and consulting business based in Seattle, WA. Their background in home construction, designing, and building is the perfect experience to help folks in their decision to buy a home.

Similarly to Dragonfly Design Build, and many of our other logo + brand projects, a business card is often the first promotional piece designed. The card focuses on bringing the logo to the forefront of the design by using it both in a traditional and non-traditional way. On the front the hawk extends beyond the boundaries of the card, while on the back the logo lockup is intact, bold, with a lot of contrast. By using the logo this way it helps to set the tone for future design projects and suggests options for how to use the logo. Business cards are also one of the first design pieces that bring together supporting fonts and other brand colors, so it is fun to see it all come together in this initial piece.

Services provided

  • Business card layout and design
  • Design files print preparation
  • Print house selection
  • Design files submission

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