Global Solutions Catalog Cover
Global Solutions Catalog Cover

Global Solutions

Global Solutions is a Seattle based wax seal distributor that utilizes an annual catalog to showcase their products.

Cathy, owner and operator of Global Solutions, was referred to Adoration Design Services by a professional colleague to design and layout their 2018 catalog. Both Adoration Design Services and Global Solutions were both a minutes drive from each other in North Seattle, which made it easy to connect and collaborate on the catalog. Before long we were sharing files and making weekly visits to pick up products to photograph and review the status of the multi-page catalog. The project was a diligent effort by both teams. Meeting regularly and adhering to a schedule ensures the success of any project. Cathy’s years of experience and feedback helped to refine and shape the catalog in every way. We are all very pleased with the final result. It was a delight to work with Cathy and the Global Solutions team, and hang out with her dogs who were often at the office when we stopped by.

Services provided

  • Page Layout
  • Brand Alignment
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Photography
  • Photo and Graphic Editing
  • Photo and Graphic Optimization
  • Design files print preparation
  • Print Consulting
  • Design files submission
Global Solutions Inside Spread
Global Solutions Inside Spread

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