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“Working with Tony is a dream. First and foremost Tony cares about who we are and what gifts we are offering to the world. We share a story and some fantastical visions and he distills it all down to a grounded, attractive logo that embodies everything we said. He coaches us in how to carry our brands across platforms, and makes sure the choices we are making are aligned with our values and budget. From logo creation to marketing materials to website support, we turn to him again and again and will continue to do so.”

~ Amanda & Chris
RedTail Inspections and Consulting
Dragonfly Design Build

Dragonfly Design Build

Dragonfly Design Build is a residential design build service passionate about creating beautiful spaces in homes throughout the greater Seattle area.

Along with a new logo and brand comes all the stationary, signage, and digital communications that need to be created or updated. To help Chris and Amanda hit the ground running we included business card design as a part of the logo and brand design process. What is wonderful about working with others is that you can have an idea of how something might turn out, only to see a completely different result based on considering the direction and feedback from all those involved in the project. Embracing this collaborative process with the Dragonfly Design Build team was a lot of fun and we are happy with the results.

Services provided

  • Business card layout and design
  • Design files print preparation
  • Print house selection
  • Design files submission

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