RedTail Inspections & Consulting Logo
RedTail Inspections & Consulting Logo
“Working with Tony is a dream. First and foremost Tony cares about who we are and what gifts we are offering to the world. We share a story and some fantastical visions and he distills it all down to a grounded, attractive logo that embodies everything we said. He coaches us in how to carry our brands across platforms, and makes sure the choices we are making are aligned with our values and budget. From logo creation to marketing materials to website support, we turn to him again and again and will continue to do so.”

~ Amanda & Chris
RedTail Inspections and Consulting
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RedTail Inspections & Consulting

Chris and Amanda had a vision while enjoying some time together in one of their favorite places in the Pacific Northwest to use their collective experience helping folks in their decision to buy a home. A red-tailed hawk circled continuously overhead as they discussed their business dreams and visions of a home inspections and consulting business, and knew instinctively the name for the business and what logo would be. As soon as we got word at Adoration we began to tune into their vision and after a few revisions we landed on the logo you see here.

Our relationship with Chris and Amanda exemplifies the synergy that happens when doing good work for good people, building bonds and community, and sharing experiences. We have enjoyed supporting RedTail and their sister company, Dragonfly Design Build since the beginning. It is fulfilling to see we have come full circle from our intention to not only do good work for good people, but at the end of the day share a meal with not just a client, but friends.

Services provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand guidelines PDF including colors codes and supporting fonts
  • All final logo file types, EPS, PNG, and JPG, provided at no additional cost
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