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Equinox Healing Arts Logo

Healing Arts

Equinox Healing Arts has been providing massage therapy in North Seattle since 2004. After a successful logo project for Nikki Wolf Acupuncture, we were referred to Equinox Healing Arts for their new brand and logo.

Our approach with all of our clients is to get to know them first. Finding out what their passions and interests are before diving into discussions about design and aesthetics provide the insight we need to tailor designs to what is behind every business, the people. Elisabeth is the women behind Equinox Healing Arts and like Nikki Wolf, her office mate, she is inspired by nature, specifically the sea at sunset and sunrise. Our initial concepts attempted to capture this daily celestial event and gave way to the idea that led to this logo. The logo captures a moment in time when the sun is just above the water where waves and orange sky curl around the sun. This is one of our favorite logos to date.

Services provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Alternative Logo Lockup Variations
  • Brand Development
  • Brand guidelines PDF including colors codes and supporting fonts
  • All final logo file types, EPS, PNG, and JPG, provided at no additional cost
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