Canopy Conscious Logo
Canopy Conscious Logo

Canopy Conscious

Canopy Conscious is a tree maintenance service located in Ashland, OR.

Our dear friend Wave of Canopy Conscious approached Adoration Design Services to design the logo for his independent business after having worked with us for many years on the Pacific Fire Gathering team. He knew the elements he wanted for the logo but was unsure how to combine them. A bonsai tree was requested to represent the tree maintenance service and a Celtic knot patten to represent his heritage and connection to nature. As with any of our logos we spent some time researching the elements needed for the logo. Sorting through photos of bonsai trees and digging through books on Celtic patterns it became clear how to cleverly bring both elements together. The original concept we presented required little adjustments and happy to see the logo used through the signage and promotional materials for Canopy Conscious.

Services provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand guidelines PDF including colors codes and supporting fonts
  • All final logo file types, EPS, PNG, and JPG, provided at no additional cost
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