A Lady and Her Knife Logo
A Lady and Her Knife Logo

A Lady and
Her Knife

A Lady and Her Knife offers personal chef services by Chef Meredith in Seattle, WA.

When Meredith first came to us she said it’s going to sound funny, but she had a clear vision of an illustrated image of herself holding a chef’s knife for the logo of her new company. While the concept proved to be challenging, and a little funny, it is one of those rare logos that came together quite quickly. Sorting through some photos of herself in the kitchen with in her chefs uniform we settled on one that we thought worked perfectly and served as the base for the logo. The initial colors, font, and composition we presented were met with a resounding “yes” from Meredith. Her vision was now a reality. All was needed was to flatten the colors a bit and resulted in this logo. A happy client is one of the best rewards an artist can ask for. This is one of our most fun and inspired logos.

Services provided

  • Brand Discovery
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand guidelines PDF including colors codes and supporting fonts
  • All final logo file types, EPS, PNG, and JPG, provided at no additional cost
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