Our Story

It was in the heart of Tuscany, when we learned that the best approach for cultivating a successful business project is to gather with those involved, linger over a long meal, and share dreams.

During a culinary focused journey through the homeland of Anthony’s ancestors, we happened upon an absolute gem called the Little Love Nest. Located off the beaten path on a Chianti vineyard, the nest offered us a quiet, rustic, golden villa of Tuscan dreams. We learned that the nest’s owner, Gianni, also owns an agency dedicated to marketing and graphic design: the same professional specialties as ours.

Gianni, the perfect example of the expressive joy the country is known for, gave us a grand tour of his beautiful hometown and company headquarters. He told us that during his business meeting that morning, he and his colleague spent their time sharing delicious food and revealing their dreams.

Opening up about the important topic of personal passions allowed them to focus on what was truly important to each other and to the project itself. He went on to assure us that focus, enthusiasm, and gracious social behavior serves well to dreams that you are committed to.

We left Italy inspired and confident in the idea of starting our own agency as it would allow us the perfect forum to combine our professional talents. And our Adoration agency came to be.

Today we are proud to serve our clients / partners in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. While it is not always possible to sit over a long meal with every client, it is important for us to develop a personal connection with those we work closely with.

Your story and passions inform the creative process, so we hope our work together helps you tune into your own inspirations, just as we felt in Tuscany.


Anthony Lee

Anthony is from Western Iowa, and resided in Seattle for fifteen years before moving to South Korea with Abby in 2019. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Buena Vista University in 2003. Once the Adoration projects are put to rest, Anthony enjoys traveling, camping, music, cooking, photography, helping plants grow, drawing, and sharing good food, good stories, and good times with friends and family.

Abby Woodington 호영주

Abby is from South Korea, southern New Jersey, and Seattle - and realizes that’s a lot of places to be from. She graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication and is a career marketing focused project director. Abby has traveled to 48 states and 27 countries, and all of her tattoos are a lyrical game of “name that tune”. She likes to plot adventures and delicious meals.