WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

With partners who adore your business.

Fix problems before they start and polish off your WordPress website.
Plans and Pricing
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Ensure Security with Smooth Functionality

Do what is needed so that your WordPress website performs well for your business.

Smooth sailing from launch through your next big revamp.
Plans and Pricing
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1:1 Support
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Theme, Plugin, and Core Updates
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Load Time and Speed Optimizations
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Website Backups
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Security Improvements

Feel confident 24/7

in your WordPress website.

You’ve already invested so much in creating and launching your site. Make sure it's built to last. Free yourself up to focus on delivering to your clients. We’ll take care of your updates, your plugins, and the rest - ensuring your digital presence is polished for the world to see.
Plans and Pricing
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Invest In Your Website’s Longevity

Just like your apps, your website requires regular security and maintenance updates.

Skipping updates and overlooking your WordPress website maintenance is like neglecting maintenance to your car. Everything may run smoothly initially, but small and overlooked issues will inevitably lead to expensive problems.

Set your website up for ongoing success with Adoration’s professional WordPress support and maintenance plans.

We can also get you ready to launch your next new site or revamp.

Plans and Pricing

Free Your Time and Focus

Maximize your marketing ROI by keeping your site fresh and updated.

Adoration Digital Services has built and managed WordPress websites for over 10 years. We’ll speak to you like partners - and leave out the confusing technical jargon.

And of course, we’ve got ideas to help you improve your content too.

Plans and Pricing

WordPress Maintenance and Care Plan


Monthly Plan

1 Website

Annual Plan

(Save $300 / year)

1 Website

2 websites Promo

Daily database and file backups
Daily uptime and security monitoring
Weekly malware scan and bug fixes
Monthly WordPress core installation updates
Monthly WordPress themes and plugin updates
Monthly report on site health and tasks performed
Google Analytics and Search Console tracking enabled